Hey, guys! How are you doing? Getting back with the blog once more now that things are calming down and I could deliver all the commissions I had to do, And that’s what I’m going to talk about today!

more tips here As many of you know, I’m a freelancer, which means that my job is to give life the ideas of those who hire me. Even tho I love my job, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t tiring or challenging, specially when it involves backgrounds or something similar. When I get a commission from someone, unless it’s a chibi, I won’t accept any other requests until I’m done, that way I won’t overwork myself and won’t make my costumer uneasy. We know that when it’s about money we need to be extremely careful and that requires a lot of trust from the costumer, so I try to treat them with respect and reply as fast as I can.

site de rencontre gratuit forum 2018 But that also gives them freedom to order as many pieces they want! This one, for example, asked for 6 at once!

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